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Zamorins rulers built the beautifully carved Valayanad Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathy.Thali temple, built by the Zamorins, is famed as the venue of the Revathi Pattathinam function.


Sree Valayanad Bagavathy is the family diety of Zamorin Swaroopam Despite the great army and financial strength of the Zamorin Raja he could not subjucate Valluvakkonathiri who as his political foe in their struggle for power. The Zamorin who could not win his battle against Valluvakkonathiri understood that the reason for his failure in the battle was due to Valluvakkonathiris high spiritual strength. Valluvakkonathiri acquired this power because of his intense worship of Devi.

Therefore the Zamorin Raja also started worshipping Devi intensely. Devi was immensely pleased with the Zamorin and appeared before him read more about slots online. The Zamorin pleaded with the Devi to come over his place and settle there Devi who agreed to do so was ceremoniously led to his place and consecreated at Valayanad in Kozhikode. After this he worshipped Devi permanently from Valayanad. This is the traditional belief relating to this temple.